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2023 Exhibition

 One-of-a-Kind Expo

PLEASE BEWARE: There have been several companies and individuals reaching out to Railway Interchange attendees, exhibitors and sponsors to sell attendee lists, hotel rooms and more.  Railway Interchange DOES NOT rent or sell lists to third parties or solicit hotel room sales.  Hotel rooms will be available for booking in the spring when registration opens.

If you receive any of these messages, we recommend avoiding interaction and ask that your forward the email to info@railwayinterchange.org.

Railway Interchange showcases over 700 companies displaying the latest  technology in the rail industry. You will be able to see new products and services and learn about them first-hand from the people that developed them. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to converse with your fellow railroaders, industry leaders, customers and colleagues while you exchange ideas and learn more about the latest in our industry. After all, we only get together for a show this large every other year!

Exhibit in the RSI hall if your product or services fit into one of these categories:

  • Locomotive, Freight Car and Tank Car Manufacturers
  • Mechanical Systems and Component Suppliers
  • Railway Measurement & Maintenance Systems
  • Rolling Stock Leasing Services
  • Freight & Railcar Repair
  • Among many other rail industry services

Exhibit in the REMSA hall if your product or services fit into one of these categories:

  • Track Safety & Inspection
  • Track & Rail Maintenance
  • Track Machinery & Tools
  • Track Monitoring Software & Technology
  • Track Structure Components & Supplies
  • Non-Track Bound Products & Services

Exhibit in the RSSI hall if your product or services fit into one of these categories:

  • Communication Systems
  • C&S Design & Installation
  • Signal Systems
  • Information Technology
  • Crossing Components & Systems
  • Wayside Information Systems
  • Power Switches

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